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My therapist introduced me to a book called The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. I recommend it if you haven not read it. Prior to reading it I was mulling over this idea of it takes a village to raise a child and what if that village is a village of worker bees and don’t know how to facilitate raising you into the human God created you to be and created you for. After reading The Four Agreements it gave me the context and language, I was looking for to understand what I was trying to understand.

We were/are created for a purpose. We have special unique gifts and talents already in our make up when we are born on earth. We are born to a village that may or may not be privy to that fact. We are born into a world with lots of rules and social norms. The village that is raising us and nurturing us is most of the time is domesticated to follow all those rules and social norms. So that village chooses what language you will speak, what religion you be, what you will learn, and the school you attend and that school is mandated by a government that will decide what you will learn, how you will learn, and what you will not learn. Your village will determine what you will wear, what your politics are, and ultimately everything they want you to believe.

When we grow up, we discover things about ourselves and the world around us. We also find that we don’t have many choices. We don’t get to choose our name, the language we speak, the school we go to, what we want to learn, the religion we want to worship, what to wear, where we live etc. The village that plays a role in our growth is helping in our domestication. Much like a pet. There’s punishment and reward systems in place when you make your parents, teachers, adults, religious leaders happy and there’s punishments in place when you make them mad. Soon we become afraid of the punishments and afraid of not being rewarded. From that training we learn to please. We can get that reward and avoid that punishment. We want the attention for fear of being rejected or not being good enough. We become carbon copies of the village. Our essence becomes lost. Our talents if they aren’t familiar to the village are not nurture and some may even be pushed into doing something comfortable and familiar to the village. As we get older, we learn to say “No” because something doesn’t feel right. Something feels unauthentic. We rebel because we are trying to defend our freedom our free will. For some the domestication is too strong and we back off rebellion. For others we keep rebelling until we uncover who we really are and get out of the domestication mentality. Those of us that are well trained in domestication we don’t even need people to domesticate us anymore we became auto self-domesticated. Fear keeps us in that domestication. That is why if we rebel and do something the village has never done; they can’t do it, so they try to talk you out of it.

Don’t accept the worker-bee mask the village has govern you with. You were created for a purpose to fulfill the Will of God and you working on that Will, that dream is important because someone else’s dream is predicated on you doing your thing with your dream. The “purpose-eco-system” is all connected and predicated on each other to work. If we stay in the comforts of fear and subscribe to the worker-bee mentality, we fuck up the purpose eco-system. Stop fucking it up. Go after God’s Will for you and stop subscribing to other’s people’s will for you.

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