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Tips for Parents: How to Read Oh Brother, Little Brother

I purposefully created Oh Brother, Little Brother to be a “predictable book.” A predictable book is a type

of book that uses rhyming and repetition, phrases, sentences, and familiar events that is helpful for reading development. The repetitive phrases, familiar events, and simple storyline make it easy for ages 0-6 to follow along. This encourages participation in reading and they anticipate the shenanigans of the little brother.

Now, you may be asked to read this book over and over again, it might be really annoying and you don’t really want to; however, remember that reading it over, and over, and over again is all in the name of developing literacy!

Here are some helpful tips when reading my book:

• Allow time for the child to fill in the repeated phrase, “Oh brother, Little Brother.”

• Encourage the child to repeat the phrase, “Oh brother, Little Brother.”

• Allow time for the child to gather clues from the illustrations to fill in the big brother’s suggestions, “Little Brother, let’s…”

• Allow time for the child to predict what Little Brother will do next. Ask questions such as “What do you think Little Brother will do now?”

• Read Oh Brother, Little Brother over and over again to provide increased opportunities for the child to participate verbally.

• Read with inflection! Get into it and even use hand gestures.

• Point to the text as you read.

• Don’t force reading. If the story isn’t finished but the child wants to move on, then let the child move on. Encourage an attitude of joyful reading, not forced, resentful reading.

I hope you and yours enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed creating it. If you don’t have it yet, purchase your copy here.

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